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Perennials Volume 41: "The Dust in Canyons"

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Story Behind The Song: "The Dust in Canyons"

For commentary on this week's Perennial, The Dust in Canyons, we go to Paul in London, who, in his charmingly blissed out state omits below an explanation for exactly why he is currently across the pond (he happens to be in the midst of music production on a forthcoming Wachowski Brothers film; yes those Wachowskis):

'This week has been really special for me personally. I'm in London (for the first time!) for work recording a score at Abbey Road(!) and I'm in one of those states of wonder that comes along very rarely. Everywhere I go there is something new and amazing to look at or listen to. Even as I write this, there is an 80 person choir singing amazing music at a seriously ridiculous pace, and some of the mics being used might have been used by the Beatles.

Its for times like these that I wrote this song. The Dust in Canyons is about that state of wonder at the universe, at life, but also about how all things come to an end. Its somewhat bittersweet, but only if you look at it that way.'

We wish Pauly a continued wowfest in the UK, and we wish you happy listening to this, our 41st Perennial.

Love and thanks,


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