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Perennials Volume 40: "Everything Matters!"

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Story Behind The Song: "Everything Matters!"

This week's dispatch comes from Walt:

Everything Matters! is a marvelously unique book by Ron Currie, Jr. and serves as the inspiration for this week's Perennials release of the same name. A little Vonnegut, a little sci-fi, the book wears its modern heart on its modern sleeve to tell a story about a man who has known since he was in the womb the time and date of the end of the world. Mr. Currie generally dispatches with common narrative convention, but like the best modern works, the book has its own underlying organizational structure that feels at once instinctive and natural.

The theme I took most to heart was Mr. Currie's take on that well trod existential theme: 'why are we here?' exploring the theme through the lens, 'if I know when the end is coming, why even keep going?' The song relies lyrically on both the title of the book and a preface that the author attributes to a World War I trench song: "We're here because we're here because we're here."

These are admittedly dark thoughts and dark ideas, but Mr. Currie writes with a compassion, lightness, and sense of humor that provide balance. We hope we've been able to do the same and like in the novel, the end of the tune provides a kind of celebratory and life-affirming lift.

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