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Perennials Volume 38: "On My Own With Everyone"

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Story Behind The Song: "On My Own With Everyone"

This week's dispatch comes to us from Jonny:

Although I grew up outside of Chicago, I've lived in NYC for 12 years. I love it here, and over the years, it's really become home. Next month, however, I'm moving to Los Angeles (Venice to be exact) to join Paul and what will now be referred to as "JSS West." While I couldn't be more excited for change of pace, new gig (and more sunshine) it's just starting to hit me that I won't be living in New York anymore... I'm going to miss so many people, places, and daily experiences that I take for granted. 

And I'm really going to miss what's become my favorite thing to do in NYC, and it happens to be the subject of this song (and "where" it was written.) Sometimes to clear my head on a Saturday or Sunday, I walk from my apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn to Red Hook, where I grab a bite to eat and watch the people go by. Then I walk to the IKEA water taxi (free on the weekends) and take that to lower Manhattan. After that, it's a super-fast walk to another free boat ride, the Staten Island Ferry. I ride it to Staten Island, crack a tall boy of Budweiser, and enjoy the view. Then I ride it back to Manhattan. Once back, I'll walk back home via the Brooklyn Bridge, but if it's a rainy day (which this one was) I'll take the subway home. So this tune is basically a diary of this experience, written in real-time.

Another (related) thing I'm going to miss about New York is sheer amount of humanity. You're always surrounded by people - walking down the street, on the subway, etc. It's part of the energy of the city - and you're all in it together. I love to just throw my headphones on, hit random and soundtrack my way through my city travels. It's amazing how easy it is to be in your own little world with so much going on around you. Sure, you can do this in other cities and it's awesome, but it's not gonna be the same.

And damn am I gonna miss it...

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