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Perennials Volume 36: "Atychiphobia"

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For thoughts on this week's Perennial, Atychiphobia, we go to Paul:

Here's the thing. Before joining Jones Street Station, I had a hell of a time finishing any of my own projects. Some of that had to do with procrastination, some of it due to being too busy with work. But in the end, it was often the fear of failure itself that kept me paralyzed. The Greeks dubbed this woeful experience 'atychiphobia'.

Lately, not getting things done due to atychiphobia hasn't been as much of an issue. That is because I've found the best cure for it: You just need to set goals for yourself that are so unwieldy and ludicrous, that merely attempting them is its own feat. You win as soon as you start.

This tune has been in the works for quite some time. Everyone on the track brought their A-game: Nate Dillon makes an appearance on steel guitar, and we have a new guest cellist who masterfully delivers parts that I was previously told were unplayable! (talk about achieving the impossible). Kevin Clayton threw an assist with engineering and recording, and Jeff Kryka helped me wrangle and orchestrate the strings.

So, after you listen to this song, go and climb Everest, or write the next great American (or French, or Chinese, or Nigerian) novel, or invent a new language that everyone ends up using in 40 years, or cure malaria and cancer in the same year. Or, maybe, just start the thing you've been meaning to do for the last 10 years (or 10 days) but haven't gotten to yet.

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