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Perennials Volume 35: "The Buzzsaw"

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This week, we bring you "The Buzzsaw," which reminds us (not that we need much reminding) that some people are just impossible to deal with.

Yet, if those people happen to be a friend or (worse!) part of your family, you simply can't always avoid the heartache, frustration, and crazy-making that might come along with dealing with them. What's more, sometimes, the closer you get, or the more you try to help them, the more likely that they will snap back and hurt you. At some point, you might find yourself licking your wounds and wondering whether it's worth it and whether you should wise up already.

So, the Buzzsaw is dedicated to all those people in your life that drive you crazy, but that you love anyway - sometimes in spite of yourself and almost always in spite of them. (Though it is worth mentioning - for us at least - that these very people can be the same ones who inspire us to be creative. So we have, at the very least, to thank them for that.)

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