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Perennials Volume 32: "Lake Michigan Wind"

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Story Behind The Song = "Lake Michigan Wind"

This week's dispatch comes from Jonny:

Sometimes songs come from strange places in funny ways… This is one of those tunes. A couple years ago, I was listening to music with some friends on Valentine's Day at my house and we went out on the terrace to get a breath of fresh air. Being that it was February, we were immediately hit with a freezing burst of wind. It was cleansing and cold and beautiful. It leaned over to one of my buddies (a fellow Midwesterner) and said how it reminded me of back home in Chicago and I started singing the phrase Lake Michigan Wind at the top of my lungs. Next thing I knew, we were all singing it in various forms and harmonies. The neighbors thought we were crazy (but then again they always do :)

That idea stayed in a notebook for the next two years until a couple months ago, when I went to visit Danny in Boston. I was going over old song ideas on the plane and came across this and started to write a verse about missing someone. Then after a delicious lobster roll and some bourbon, Danny and I wrote a story around this feeling about impossible love and the cleansing power of a cold beautiful wind. Hope you enjoy it.

Special thanks to Mr. Neil Erker (electric guitar) and Jonathan Benedict (piano) for lending their talents to bring this tune to life…

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