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Perennials Volume 28: "Gotta Get It Down"

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It's a rare thing for one of your own songs to give you goosebumps. This is particularly true when a song has gotten to the point that you're ready to share it. The thing is, after laboring over a tune, polishing it, editing, mixing it, tweaking it, nudging it, its potential to transport you changes. You begin to know it so well that it tends not to sock you in the gut. At least not so often.

Today's Perennial is different.

I [Danny] just listened to Gotta Get it Down, again, and had the same experience I do every time: goosebumps. It may be because the tune is so jam packed with distinct musical moments that it manages somehow to feel perpetually new to my ears.

Whatever the reason, the song is both a menacing powerhouse and an uplifting meditation on creativity, and all of it is driven by Paul's muscular and truly virtuosic keys (he'd never describe his playing that way himself, but it's TRUE!). We're thrilled to release this tune and hope that it moves you like it does us.

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