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Perennials Marathon Wrap-Up - Thank You for Your Support!

A little over a year ago, Jones Street Station (Overcome, In Verses, The Understanding) found itself facing a strange reality: Brooklyn would no longer be home to the majority of the band.  

Walt had just moved to Chicago. Danny was getting set to head to Boston.  Sam was firmly ensconced in Vermont.   And soon enough, Jonny would be in L.A. This left JB to hold down the fort in the borough that will forever be our creative home. We decided instinctively, that we wanted, in fact needed, to keep making music together. This instinct gave birth to Perennials, a year-long song-writing project for charity, through which JSS released a new original song for 52 consecutive Tuesdays (September 4, 2012 to August 27, 2013 for those keeping count). It's tough to say how, exactly, we pulled it off. But there is little doubt that we would have failed without the newest member of the JSS family, Paul Apelgren. Paul, who is a mind-bogglingly virtuosic piano player, is also a gifted song-writer, composer and music editor. Without him we wouldn't have lasted through the Fall. 

Over the last 12 months our Perennials Project proved to be not just a way for us to stay musically connected, challenged, and enriched, it also managed to put us in touch with some of our dearest musical friends. 

Including JSS, over twenty different musicians contributed to the project:

  • Liadain Clancy sang, and made us swoon    
  • Nick Reeb fiddled, flawessly 
  • Neil Erker wrote his own songs and made ours better with his guitars
  • Andy Hunt shared his unstoppable baritone
  • Danny Pudi composed, in Polish(!)  
  • Nate Dillon slid and electrified us
  • Alison Brie, Julianna Guill, and Cyrina Fiallo created a wall of sultry lady sound 
  • Rick E Meir Scruggs-styled 
  • Alex Hamadey fashioned beats and Riley Vance draped her voice all over em’
  • Tim Morrison and his drums brought Perennials to life in concert 
  • And two cellists (who will remain anonymous) gave heft and gravitas to a whole handful of songs

We are grateful and honored to have worked with each of these talented musicians. Thank you. 

We are also deeply thankful for the incredible artistic efforts of Tammy Duncan and her team at, who managed to create a unique image for each our 52 Perennials. Bravo to them.

Lastly, we are truly grateful to you who listened and donated to one of our 12 partner charities. Ultimately, while we write songs because we love it, we are always guided by a desire to move, engage, and connect with those who listen to them. 

Right now we're a little tired. From our experience running literal marathons, we know that it'll take a minute for crossing the finish line of this musical trek to sink it. It will also take time to rejuvenate, regroup, and recharge. So, we're gonna take a few weeks to rest and to breath slow and deep. But know that we're already scheming new musical adventures that we're excited to share. Be well until then, and once more, THANK YOU!

Yours truly,

Jones Street Station

Featured “Perennials” Nonprofits:, Charity Water, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), The Red Hook Initiative, Musicians on Call, Cause Effective, Rosie’s Place, Camp Interactive, Old Town School of Folk Music, Housing Works, The Trevor Project, and Para Los Ninos.


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