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JSS with Ben Kweller, and The Watson Twins

Hold on. We need to stop and take a breath.

After 4 days of opening up for Ben Kweller and the Watson Twins we need a moment to let all that fun properly sink in... Now, we've played some great rooms before, and we've enjoyed some inspirationally amped crowds. But these shows were a special kind of special. First, the venues were beautifully cavernous: the Somerville Theater in Boston, The Town Hall in NYC, the 9:30 Club in DC, and the Theatre of the the Living Arts in Philly. All of these spots shine in their own ways and so did the crowds that filled them up. In brief: The Somerville was warm worn and cozy, Town Hall pristine and expectant, the 9:30 just plain bonkers, and TLA, well, was very, very red. Second, opening up for the Watson Twins and Ben was a treat. The girls are tremendous singers and have a back-up band that is equal parts talent and hilarity. Ben and his crew bring a balance of chops and touch to a set that is all at once touching, funny, ballsy and inspirational. Third, we got to play for a ton of sweet, clap-happy strangers who made us very welcome. Especially when we sang 'Tall Buildings' - everyone hushed and listened:

But, lest I gush and gush and gush and forget important things: I also want to say thanks to everyone who came out to see us NOT for the first time, especially all of you New Yorkers who have helped our music grow over the years. There's just no us without you. Here's us, loving you all:

If you didn't get to catch any of these shows, here are a few fun reviews, some great pics, and even a video of us singing Ben's tune 'Fight' during Friday's encore in Philly:

Town Hall Review - QRO Magazine
DC Review - BlogCritics
Town Hall Pics - Brooklyn Vegan

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