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Jonny's Food Blog - Road Food From Boise to Seattle - Gas Station Bear Claws and Smoked Salmon (no, not together...)

Check out this Easter-Island-looking sweet dough masterpiece:

So we pull off to get gas somewhere in Southwest Washington to find this gas station:

Pretty standard, A&W attached to the mini-mart - you'd think there would be nothing awesome to eat here - and you would be WRONG!!! I walked in, saw this display, and kind of lost it:

So the story goes that a bakery about 20 minutes North drops these off and to my luck, the drop-off just happened to be minutes before we arrived as they were fully stocked and the doughnuts were still hot... The bear claw was stuffed with apples and cinnamon and it tasted like the chewiest, most decadent hostess apple pie ever. So good that I had to go in for a cinnamon roll after. So don't snooze on gas stations kids - you might find something amazing...

Exhibit B - How about "The Best Smoked Salmon" in Washington? That's what the sign said in our next gas stop closer to Seattle...

Thank you, Leo (he makes all of the salmon sold here) and they sell it in a cooler next to pints of ice cream - aaaaaawwwwssssssooooommmmmeeeeee. Anyway, I took their word for it and ended up eating some fantastic smoked salmon as a late night snack with Danny...

Note the true gourmet nature of our offering to the late night food gods - Gas Station Smoked Salmon + Saltine + cream cheese (from a different gas station near our hotel) = DELICIOUS

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