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Jonny's Food Blog - Portland's Voodoo Doughnuts and The Doug Fir Lounge

I love Portland... AND Bacon-Maple Doughnuts!!!

Seriously, my favorite city of the tour so far - go to Portland! And not just because of the doughnuts - I'm loving everything about the city...

Ok - back to doughnuts - Portland's Legendary, Voodoo Doughnuts, lived up to all of the Food network/Travel Channel/Guidebook/Word of Mouth hype... Besides the incredible bacon-maple bar above, I also chomped on a Old Dirty Bastard - a raised doughnut topped with chocolate and crushed oreos and then drizzled with peanut butter!!!

Old Dirt McGirt/BigBabyJesus would be proud. A fitting tribute to say the least, it's 36 chambers of goodness. The bacon-maple bar hit the perfect balance of salty and sweet and gives you an idea of what Elvis would eat for breakfast if he were still with us (not to mention he would also need to try their "Memphis Mafia" doughnut, a fritter with banana, chocolate chips, and peanut butter.) Maybe Elvis and Dirty are eating doughnuts smiling down at us right now - if that's the case, I hope they take a break from doughnut eating and make a mix tape. This would be the cover of said mix tape - rotating doughnuts at Voodoo:

We also played at one of my favorite venues of the tour so far, the Doug Fir Lounge... Great sound, design, and overall vibe - oh yeah - and they comped us a dinner at their fantastic restaurant!

I was going to get a salad after all those doughnuts for balance, but when our waiter read off the special of the day, I couldn't resist - Wild Boar Ribs... They had me at wild and then had me again at ribs. They came with a red cabbage slaw and a cup of seafood chowder (bonus!)

Fall off the bone gamey goodness - thank you Portland!

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