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Jonny's Food Blog - Omaha's Big Fred's Pizza and Competitive Eating on I-80

Sam did a pretty good job describing our amazing show situation in the strip mall in Omaha, so I won't go into that, but I will send our favorite Omaha family, The D'Agosto's, a HUGE shout-out for taking care of us while in town... We love you lots...

Ok - now to the food. Omaha might not be between Chicago and New York, but their pizza definitely is... Our buddy Nick D and his family treated us to a local Husker favorite, Big Fred's Pizza. It was thick, stout, gooey, goodness with tons of toppings under two layers of cheese. We got a couple "half-bake" pizzas, which means you finish it off in the oven at home for maximum deliciousness...

Big Fred's

And on our way to Denver, we stopped at a random truck stop along I-80 and saw this:

Holy crap. If you can't read the photo, please let me spell this out for you...

The "Ultimate 9 # Overload Truckers Skillet" consists of the following:

MEAT - 3 lbs. (ham, sausage, bacon)
EGGS - 1 Dozen
HASH BROWNS - 2 lbs.
CHEESE - 1 lb.
Plus a large coffee and juice

FREE if you can eat it in less than 1 hour... If not, it's just $45.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good competitive eating challenge, but this seems impossible... I had to investigate, and found out that NOBODY had ever finished it (Eric "Badlands" Booker and Sonia "Black Widow" Thomas, I officially challenge both of you to finish this - you heard it here first...) Evidently, one human being came very close to finishing this (within bites) and couldn't do it. Yup, he still had to pay $45 - what a sucker.

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Comment by Lasso on June 14, 2009 at 8:55pm
That is some pretty impressive cheese, and I can't even begin to comment on the overload skillet, that looks like it could support an entire African village for weeks. Now, are the pancakes on the bottom??

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