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Hey guys,

So our trusty van has returned us to Brooklyn, and now we're back at work putting the finishing touches on our new album. Our mini-tour was a fantastic success, and we're very grateful for all the help we've had along the way. We'd especially like to thank for their hospitality and generosity:

The Wells Family
The Erker Family
The Hull Family
The Rockwell Family & Aunt Sally
The Ravels
Graham Brown
Lyuba Bobova
Ben Poston
Sean, Mike, and the Daytrotter crew
Tom Crawford, Billy and the WMSE gang

We hope to be back in the Midwest over the summer. Next up we've got our NYC show at Housing Works with the Deadly Venoms, and then a slew of East Coast dates with our good pal Ben Kweller...we can't wait!

In the van we listened to a lot of classic music, so I thought I'd give you a quick rundown of some favorites. Our van has no CD player, so instead we have one of those gadgets that hi-jacks an unused radio station frequency and broadcasts to it...which means you get a good signal for about 20 minutes and then it starts to get fuzzy as you drive across the city limits. But while the signal came in strong, we heard:

Soul Coughing -- Ruby Vroom
Bob Dylan -- The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan
The Jam -- Greatest Hits
U2 -- The Unforgettable Fire / Achtung Baby
The Kinks -- Arthur
Depeche Mode -- Violator
The Rolling Stones -- Beggars Banquet
The Avett Brothers -- Emotionalism
plus many, many songs by Spoon, Regina Spektor, Ben Kweller, and Tom Waits...

We also listened to A LOT of radio...for instance, on the extra long haul home we were treated to a hilarious NPR interview with Rivers Cuomo that simply has to be heard to be believed -- you can check it out here:

Finally, we learned that Danny is a massive fan of the song "Womanizer" by Britney Spears...if you see him after one of our shows, just run up to him and serenade him with the chorus -- he just loves it!

You stay classy, planet Earth -- JB

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